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INSULATION SOLUTION for residing warmly in your house

2024 оны 4 сарын 24
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The problem of air pollution in the capital city has now reached its peak, posing a subtle threat to the health of the citizens over the years. Although the issue is more severe during winter, it is often forgotten during the warmer seasons. Despite several initiatives like using smokeless stoves, electric vehicles, and improved briquette production, significant progress is still elusive.

Allow us to introduce the 'Switch Off Air Pollution in Mongolian Cities (SOAP II)' project, funded by the SWITCH-Asia program of the European Union. This initiative is poised to address the air pollution problem of urban cities at the grassroots level.

Approximately 70% of Ulaanbaatar's population resides in houses equipped with traditional fireplaces, while 77% dwell in detached houses, with the remaining 23% living in traditional gers. By curbing combustion fuel usage and promoting energy efficiency, the project aims to mitigate emissions from detached houses of ger areas. In essence, a well-heated home necessitates infrequent  firing,  contributing  to  cleaner  air  and  healthier  living  environments.


Suppose you reside in a house and currently utilize improved briquettes for heating, firing your stove four times daily during winter. However, based on the findings from the project winter monitoring study of 2023, it has been determined that efficiently identifying and insulating areas of heat loss within your home can lead to a 50% reduction in the frequency of firing your heating system, which means you will only need to fire it twice daily. This strategic adjustment not only promises substantial financial savings for your household in the long run but also carries profound benefits for the health and well-being of your family members. Additionally, it is a tangible contribution to the broader objective of mitigating air pollution, highlighting the importance of environmentally conscious practices in residential heating.

Is our house warm?

Although starting a fire might make your house feel warm initially, maintaining warmth throughout the day with only one or two fires is possible through effective insulation. Many households are not aware of areas within their house that experience significant heat loss. This can result from either improper insulation or the use of substandard materials.

Understanding how much energy is lost through where from your house is crucial to identify necessary insulation solutions at house. Here is the breakdown of the total heat loss from a regular detached house:

  • 35% from the walls
  • 25% from the roof
  • 15% through windows and doors
  • 15% lost through the floor and foundation

The presence of moisture indoors, even without cooking, coupled with a rapid decrease in temperature within 2-3 hours after starting a fire, high electricity and fuel expenses, and cracked windows, indicate significant heat loss in your home.

So, how do we insulate your house?

If you're planning to insulate your house, please get in touch with the call center of the SOAP II project at 7505-2000. Alternatively, you can message the "Dulaan shiidel" Facebook page chat. After receiving your request, an insulation advisor will assess the heat loss of your home, recommend suitable insulation options, and conduct technical measurements to provide an accurate price quotation.

Following this, our skilled team will meticulously select appropriate, good quality materials specific to each house and proceed with the insulation work. Upon project completion, customers will receive an energy audit certificate to validate the efficacy of the insulation solution implemented.

What types of insulation services are available?

Available Insulation Services:

  1. Roof, attic insulation
  2. Wall insulation
  3. Window improvements
  4. Foundation insulation
  5. Optional floor insulation or full insulation

Our insulation services offer customization in various colors, designs, and materials. Energy savings vary depending on the area of insulation. For example, insulating the attic with 5 cm of mineral wool can save up to 14%, while 20 cm can save up to 30% of total energy usage.

Have any houses previously undergone insulation? What was the experience like?

Between 2018 and 2022, the "SOAP I" project, funded by the European Union, facilitated insulation services for 1,546 households, resulting in a noteworthy reduction of 3,556 tons of greenhouse gasses. Building upon this success, the subsequent phase, the "SOAP II" project, initiated in 2022, targets the reduction of heat loss in a total of 5,900 households while also introducing energy-efficient solutions.

Regarding the project?

The "SOAP II" project is jointly implemented by the Geres International NGO, Building Energy Efficiency Center of MUST, the Mongolian National Construction Association NGO, the Mongolian Women's Fund, and the Mongolia Green Finance Corporation. Financing for the project is provided by the European Union's SWITCH-Asia program, Abbe Pierre Foundation, GAGGA Fund, and the French Development Agency.


Is it possible to obtain insulation services on credit or with a green loan?

You can apply for a green loan from Khan Bank, Xacbank, State Bank, and Bogd Bank specifically for home insulation purposes. Additionally, loans are available from Non-Banking Financial Institutions  (NBFIs)  such  as  GSB  Capital,  Visionfund  Mongolia,  and  Transcapital.


To initiate the insulation process for your home, please contact us through the following channels:

Facebook page: Dulaan shiidel tusul
Phone: 7505-2000
Website: www.dulaalga.mn


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