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The Asia Foundation – Consultant Vacancy

2021 оны 12 сарын 1


OPPORTUNITY: The Asia Foundation’s (TAF) Urban Governance Project (UGP) 2015-2022 generously funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented in close collaboration with the municipality of ulaanbaatar (MUB), is seeking a consultant to interpret the trainings and manage UGP’s TA funded training for Training and Research Center of Ulaanbaatar  

PURPOSE OF THE ASSIGNMENT: The purpose of this assignment relates to UGP’s Outcome 1, which aims to ensure that municipal civil servants are fully capacitated to professionally execute their tasks and functions and Ulaanbaatar City Mayor’s action plan for 2020-2024. To this end, the existing Capacity Development Framework (CDF) is being implemented through the Training and Research Center of Ulaanbaatar (TRC-UB) to develop an effective system and culture for continuous learning and improvement. To further strengthen the TRC-UB, UGP supports with capacity-building training for TRC-UB staff and trainers. Currently, TRC-UB consists of 8 staff and 53 trainers. TRC-UB is seeking support from a consultant to manage TRC-UB’s international consultants contracts and provide organizational and administrative support to the TRC-UB and TAF-UGP. Additionally, the consultant will provide oral and written translation of all TRC-UB’s international consultant trainings and documents. Consultant shall work full time until November 30, 2022.

The consultant shall have the following responsibilities but not limited to:  

  1. Provide oral and written translation for TRC-UB related documents and trainings  
  2. Provide day-to day support to TRC-UB and TAF-UGP training activities implementation with the aim to enable conformity to expected results, outputs, objectives and workplans of the training  
  3. Assist in preparation of the training by acquiring and assembling the necessary information from TRC-UB’s international consultants and TRC-UB trainings  
  4. Manages the contracts of the TRC-UB’s international consultants  
  5. Manages the organization of trainings, workshops including preparation and dissemination of information and their follow-up communications 
  6. Collect, research, studies reports conducted around topics related to Municipality of Ulaanbaatar and from MUB, TRC-UB and other relevant parties 
  7. Provide additional support when needed.

The consultant must have the following minimum requirements:  

  • Excellent written and verbal skills in English and Mongolian. Ability to provide consecutive translation in English to Mongolia and vise versa;  
  • Bachelor’s Degree in relevant academic discipline; 
  • Computer-savvy; proficient in tools including Word, Excel, Google Docs, etc;  
  • Able to coordinate well with diverse individuals and multi-stakeholders; 
  • Excellent time management skills; highly efficient writer that reliably meets deadlines.  

SUBMISSION:  For more information on how to apply to this opportunity please send inquiries via email to bulgan.enkhbat@asiafoundation.org  

DEADLINE: Only shortlisted entities will be contacted. Deadline for all materials must be submitted in English and Mongolia in soft by 5pm on December 06,  2021 

Urban Governance Project 

The Asia Foundation, Orient Plaza 3rd Floor 

G. Chagdarjav Street 9 

Ulaanbaatar 14210, Mongolia 

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